Money Transfer to El Dorado Expeditions Instructions to send the payment by
You can pay by WESTERN UNION, by BANKING TRANSFERENCE, and 1.-SEND YOUR PAYMENT BY WESTERN UNION With Western Union®, you can send and get money quickly at any of our 117.000 agents or offices all over the world. Check on internet look for the nearest office of Western Union, ask for International sendings cashier, then you’ll get a form and you have to fill it in. Complete the form. 1.- Ensure you get the form to fill it in. 2.- The payement is in american dollars and write the amount in letters. 3.- Then write in numbers the amount you will send. 4.- Copy the receptionist information as follows: Name: JULIE SUSAN Surname: PUMA NOA Address : AV. TULLUMAYO 325 City: CUSCO Country: PERU Do not forget to fill in your personal information. Pay to the cashier the amount you will send plus the charge of sending. You’ll be asked to display your identification. Once the deposit is done you’ll be given a bill that includes your MTCN:(Money Transfer Control Number). Send us a mail indicating the amount you’re sending and the MTCN ,we will confirm the transference by e-mail or by phone., then we’ll proceed to make all the payments. 2.- SEND YOUR PAYMENT BY BANKING TRANSFERENCE It can be done at any bank, make the deposit with the following information: - Banck: Banco de Crédito del Perú - Account number in dollars: - Name: JULIE SUSAN PUMA NOA - SWIFT CODE: BCPLPEPL The deposit must be sent under the name of JULIE SUSAN PUMA NOA (you can print this page). Afterwards send us a mail with the following information : 1. Date and hour of the Payment 2 Operation and transaction numbers. 3. Displayed name (it should be JULIE SUSAN PUMA NOA) 4. Sent total amount 5. Name of the bank where the transaction was done. We’ll send a mail confirming the transaction and we’ll re-confirm your reserve as well.