1 and 2 Days We’ll meet at 9am. And in the private transportation we’ll be heading to the high Urubamba in the CUSIPATA sector approximately at one and a half hours distance. In this place we’ll find our private campsite with bathrooms, hot water showers, rustic sauna and Jacuzzi. For those participants that will stay for two days we offer tents under Straw roofs and a hamac. The meals are prepared in our mud oven or on the grill. We have different options, lunch is a delicious typical dish from Lima called Causa a la Limeña, breakfast with pancakes with honey and the second lunch is grilled chicken or lamb. For vegetarians we have menus according to their needs. The andean landscape in this sector of the river is very beautiful and the people of the area is very courteous with tourists. Day 1: We will meet at 0900 hrs. And start the journey in our private transportation for approximately one and a half hours until we arrive to "CASA CUSI”, our private campsite where we will board. The guides will give a short safety briefing and provide us with the adecuate equipment like the floating vest, helmet, wetsuit, paddles and a boat. Afterwards we’ll jump into the river where we will float for 2 hours and a half on the class II and III rapids. Once we end the excursion we’ll stay in a little beach close to the river where the bus will be waiting to take us back to CASA CUSI where a warm lunch and sauna waits for us. We pack all the equipment and return to Cusco arriving at 0500hrs. For the participants staying for two days we will camp in "CASA CUSI", where we will camp in two persons tents and where we can enjoy the place comfort. Like the Sauna, Jacuzzi, the hot showers, we will sleep with the river mumble. Day 2: After a nice breakfast, the transportation will take us up the river to the CHUQUICAHUANA sector where we will find the river on class IV and V rapids. This sector is much more exciting and for extra safety we’ll have kayaks or catarafts for rescue. After two and a half hours floating we’ll arrive to "CASA CUSI", where we will enjoy the sauna, and a nice delicious grilled chicken or lamb. Departures: Daily Included: Round trip transportation Professional river guides All rafting equipment (helmets, lifevests, wetsuits, Waterproof jackets, addles) Boats Security personnel for the sector of Chuquicahuana Lunch for the one day tour Two lunch one dinner and one breakfast for the two days tour We recommend you bring: Dry Clothes River sandals Sleeping bag for the two days participants Sun block