The archaeological site of choquekirao is part of the complex system of Andean towns in Vilcabamba Valley. On Inka’s time, it was connected with MachuPicchu by a complex network of trails. It is situated in the spurs of the mountain range of SalKantay, at 3,035m.a.s.l. Surrounded by the snow capped Apus of Yanama, Ampay, Choquetacarpo, Pumasillo, and Panta on the right site of Apurimac river in the Santa Teresa district, the convention province of the department of Cusco. DAY 1.- (CUSCO – CACHORA – PLAYA SANTA ROSA) We leave from Cusco at around 06:00 hrs, arriving at Cachora village at 10:30 hrs approximately, where we will have lunch. Then, after arranging equipment on mules and horses we start our hike. From this site is possible to appreciate the majestic Padrayoc and Wayna Cachora snow capped peaks, can be appreciated the beautiful change of the landscape from precipices to snowy mountains. On the way, we will observe APURIMAC canyon with its impressive depth and in SANTA ROSA we will set up our campsite. The approximate time of the hike is about 8 hours. On this day we will pass the small settlements: la Colmena (2870 above sea level), cocamasana (2330 above sea level), torowisqana (2285above sea level ), chiquisca (1950 above sea level ) grove place where we can find water; Playa Rosalina(camp in 155 above sea level) where we finally camp. DAY 2.- (playa Rosalina – Choquekirao) Early morning after breakfast; we continue our hike going up to Choquequirao. We will arrive at the archaeological site of CHOQUEKIRAO after 6 hours. Good time to enjoy that majestic place. We will observe this majestic site, where we can appreciate houses, terraces and other parts of this late Inca-town from trail , around 3 o’clock in the afternoon (depending of weather) we can appreciate "the flight of the condors". CHOQUEQUIRAO is considered as "The Last Refuge of the Inca state" the oldest reports assign to JUAN ARIAZ DIAZ, as one of the first persons who explored the zone in 1710. Our bilingual guide will explain the history and importance of the site after Spanish arrival in PERU. We will camp and have dinner. DAY 3.- (CHOQUEKIRAO – CHIQUISCA) After an early breakfast we pack and star with the guided tour, where all respecting information about Choquekirao will be given, after visiting we leave Choquekirao and back to CHIQUISQA. We observe once more Apurimac canyon, the flight of condors, exuberant vegetation and its flowers and orchids. The time of the hike is about 6 hrs. Altitude: 3033- 1950 above sea level. Passing the sane small settlements as on the way up., we will stop by Santa Rosa where we will have our lunch and after that we will continue to CHIQUISQA. Here we are going to spend the night on our campsite. DAY 4.- (CHIQUISQA - CACHORA – CUSCO) Early morning after breakfast (5:00 am) we continue to our way back to Cachora town. On the hike we can appreciate again the majestic PADRAJOC snow-covered peak that decorate to APURIMAC canyon. The time of hike to arrive to CACHORA is about 6hrs. Optional we make a stop in CCONOC and enjoy of the HOT NATURAL SPRINGS!!. Then back to CUSCO arriving approximately al 21hrs. Our Service Includes: Transport from Cusco to the Lares-Valley English speaking professional guide (2 guides for groups over 8 people) Horsemen and horses that carry camping equipment and food Cook and cooking equipment Excellent food (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners) Camping equipment (tents, mattresses, dining tent, tables, stools) Bus from Cusco to cachora / Cusco Entrance-fee to Choquekirao First-Aid-kit and oxygen bottle Not included: Sleeping bag Tips: please beware that our agency staff are paid so please feel free to tip or not according to your wish YOU SHOULD BRING: A small backpack with a change of clothes for the whole period of the trek Rain gear (jacket and pants if available) Strong footwear, waterproof trekking boots recommended Warm clothes, including jacket, fleeces. Thermal clothing is also recommended, especially for sleeping. A down jacket is especially recommended for this trek since it runs at high altitude and temperatures may easily drop below freezing in the evening and at nights Sleeping bag (it can be hired at our agency for US$ 3.00 per day) Flashlight and batteries Camera, films and batteries (batteries consume more quickly under cold conditions) Hat or cap to protect you from the sun, rain and cold Sun block After-sun cream or hydrating cream for face and body Handkerchiefs Toilet paper Snacks: biscuits, energy bars, chocolate, raw fruits, muesli, etc. Please beware that we do provide a daily morning snack and our meal service is very complete and well supplied. This recommendation applies for all clients being used to a specific snack, as it may happen that it is not included in our selection Non-disposable canteen (Nalgene type) and water for the first morning. Optionally: water sterilizing tablets in case you pick up water from streams or rivers along the route. Otherwise, we provide filtered boiled water, which is safe to drink and has not reported any health problem so far Small towel Swimsuit (if you intend take a dip at the hot springs along the route) Cash in soles and/or US$ Optional: walking sticks Price informations ?? Please contac us !!