BOOKING CONDITIONS TERMS AND CONDITIONS Legal name: EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS Registered office name: AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS Revenue Unique Code (RUC): 00000000000 Municipal license (renovado el 2006): Nº 0000000 Inrena authorization Inca Trail Operator Nº 00000 Tourism ministry certificate (DIRCETUR) Nº 000/0000-GR CONTACT: You can get information, request value, make bookings, confirmations, cancellations, etc... It can be done by email writing to or: Online Form Booking Now Fax to +51-84-247293, +51-84-255305 QUOTATION To quote a program you should send the next information. Number of people Number of days for this program Specify the places that you want to visit Hotel category (accommodation: double o triple) Approximately date of your trip Once taken this information we’ll make the quotation, maximum in 48 hours except if the program is to long and needs more time to be arranged. The quotation (program price) will be sent with a 95% accuracy. When the program is completed with all modifications, cancellations or additionings of any service/s we’ll send the exact price with 100% accuracy, this price will be valid until carrying out the program in the scheduled date, the price might change if there are changes in the national economy. Quotation does not mean service confirmation, except if you have done the reservation and a money transfer . - The price includes partially 19% IGV. (Peruvian taxes) - 19% (IGV) is exonerated from accommodations and food services. ACCOMMODATIONS The accommodation services will be the same as per your booking; it can change only if there are some problems like, money transfer delays, hotel non-availability, in this case EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS will consider to change your hotel to another available hotel with similar characteristics and category if necessary. RESERVATIONS FITS: for fits passengers (less than 5 persons), the reservations will be accepted until 10 days before we start the service and modifications 6 days before, if we that find available rooms in hotels and service availability. Note: if your program include Inca trail, we need to check availability in the official web site of INC Cusco. Is recommended to send your personal data minimum 3 months before, always checking for space availability in the web site. GROUPS: The group reservation will do hardly the program and final quotation finish like that the price will respect, but if is a last minute group require the book 60 days advance and modifications will accepted until 35 days advance. This for reach available places in hotels and services If your program and quotation include fly tickets you should send us personal details (names, passport number...) it does to airline respect the price list, the passenger will send that details when our agent sale require. If your program include the inka trail, we have to ruled the availability in the web site: It recommends send your personal details minimum 60 days before, always verifying the availability. PAYMENT To confirm bookings is necessary an advance payment of 50% of the total amount according to the required services and settle the balance at your arrival in Peru. When the balance is settled EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS will be responsible for carrying out all the services compromised. Non fulfillment of this obligation EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS don’t take responsibility for non fulfillment to any services if the group don’t send the money that will be used for the required services. The payment to carry out depending facilities from country send could be through bank deposits to our current account or using the system verified by visa. CANCELLATIONS The services are subject established politics from the supplier like hotels, airline, transport, restaurants, etc. the reservation, deposit and cancellations accordance whit this politics, the costumers should have knowledge about this politics and accept, excluded EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS to any responsibilities beyond to our manage If any client decide to cancel one or more services for any reason he knows that the payment in advance will be give back. According to next terms. Cancellations should be send to us with anticipation, if in case its about a group it should be 45 days before the beginning of the service, and in FITS passengers, a week before we begin the service. We charge 80% to cancellations 24 hours before the beginning of the service for FITS passengers. We charge 50% to cancellations 10 days before we begin the service, for groups and 80% 24 hours cancellations before we begin the service. We charge “no show” 100%. It should be clear that Inca trail entrance tickets can’t be refunded either transferable, this money is not part of the refund. EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS give facilities to change times before we begin the tour, always the suppliers (hotels, restaurants and airlines) give facilities as well. If it is necessary to pay any hardships for this time or schedule changes, the costumers must understand he/she should pay for this. RESPONSIBILITY EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS SRL. Lawfully established company, appoint to lawful general manager to one of his members. Julie Susan Puma Noa, like business manager, who are responsible to carry out the entire program, negotiate with the company and customers. EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS is not responsible for any personal injury, partial damage, additional spends, accidental delays, cancellations because of strikes, protests, climate changes, earthquakes, or any eventually accident caused by negligence by our suppliers (hotels, restaurants, airlines…), EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS acts just as a Tour Operator and trip organizer, we can change on your behalf the itinerary or sequence of the trip to be, for much better services, if this would be necessary. EL DORADO EXPEDITIONS gives into costumers hands all our experience obtained through the operative years. Faithfully, General Manager